Patient Testimonials

We receive lots of letters and comments from patients thanking us for the treatment and care they received at The Christie.

Here are just a few of those comments, including a short video of Russell Watson telling his story of his time here at The Christie.

Oldham Evening Chronicle managing editor, David Whaley, was diagnosed with throat cancer in April 2014. Throughout his treatment he wrote a series of articles chronicling his treatment.


Because of Christie's being a specialist hospital it feels like going into a family unit where everyone is the same.  You can talk freely to anyone.  The staff deserve to be praised for the work they do.
The next time I can't get a five star hotel room in Manchester I will give the Christie a call. It was really that good. The staff are the best, food was excellent, communication was easy - everything was great.
It is a pleasure to attend a hospital where staff have not been trained to avoid eye contact. The food was very good and a stay in the Christie (apart from the obvious problems) is like having a holiday.
Everyone was more than nice. I was called by my name wherever I went so it made me feel like I was the only person there. Very friendly staff, always with a smile because they knew what you were going through.
I found all the staff friendly and informative. This made my stay as relaxed as possible as I was concerned about my condition. This also helped my family to cope.