For people having chemotherapy

You may have treatment on your first visit to The Christie or you may be asked to start your treatment the following week. You can eat and drink as normal before your appointment.

  • First book in at the reception desk in the patient treatment centre, or as indicated on your appointment card or letter. Let the staff know if you have come by ambulance transport.
  • Next you will probably have a blood test.
  • You will then see the doctor or nurse clinician.
  • You will then have your treatment in chemotherapy day services. 

It is best to allow a day for your first treatment visit.

Your chemotherapy treatment may be the type that can be made in advance - or it may have to be made on the day of your visit. If it is made on the day, please be prepared to wait. The Christie booklet on chemotherapy explains the process in more detail.

Chemotherapy can be given as a short injection, via a pump or as an infusion (drip) over several hours.

A team of chemotherapy nurses will give you your chemotherapy, and explain the treatment and possible side effects. They will assess your needs on each visit. They will also give you information about your chemotherapy and a contact number. Don't hesitate to ask any questions about treatment and side effects.

If you need to see a district nurse, social worker, counsellor or dietitian, the chemotherapy nurses can make a referral.

When you've finished your treatment, you will be able to go straight home.

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