After Your Appointment

Ambulance transport

If oyu have come by ambulance please let the staff know you are ready to go, and make sure your transport is booked for your next visit.


Before you leave, please make sure you have your next appointment. 

If you are given a prescription

If the doctor or nurse clinician has given you a prescription for any medicine to take home, you need to take this to The Christie pharmacy. You cannot take it to a chemist or any other hospital pharmacy to be dispensed.

Before you leave the pharmacy, please make sure you know when and how to take your medication. The directions will be printed on the label, but if you have any questions or the instructions are unclear, the pharmacy staff will be pleased to explain everything to you.

Prescriptions for NHS patients are free from The Christie pharmacy. Prescriptions are also free for NHS patients being treated for cancer from community pharmacies but you will need an exemption certificate. Application forms are available from your GP or The Christie socal work department.

The Christie Hotline

If you are having chemotherapy and feel unwell, please contact The Christie Hotline: 0161 446 3658.

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