September 2017

The Hussain Family 

Saqib Hussain says, "My cousin, Ali Hassan, was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) in August 2016 and passed away in June 2017. Ali was so brave and strong throughout his treatment at The Christie.

He was a very quiet and humble person, and everyone at The Christie fell in love with his personality, from the consultants to nurses, cleaners to kitchen staff. He had an aura about him that I can't describe, he had a kind soul and a heart of gold. Ali lived to help others.

Although his illness and treatment caused many emotions it also brought our family together, we never believed he would pass. Even when he was told he only had two days to live, Ali smiled; the family broke into pieces, but Ali blossomed.

Ali told his mum that he wanted her to thank everyone at The Christie for their efforts, so after his funeral we got together as a family and thought, what would Ali want? The words thank you or a box of chocolates weren't Ali's style, so we decided to raise as much money as we could, in the hope that we may be able to contribute towards saving a life or even making lives better.

We held several events including a fun fair day, a charity bike ride and  a skydive. The love and support we received was amazing and we felt our purpose was fulfilled. We wanted to raise awareness, encourage others to do the same and most importantly make Ali proud.

Ali was our motivation, he may not be here in person but he still continues to change lives and help others through us."