Leave a gift
in your will

Leave a gift in your will

Leave a gift in your Will to The Christie and become a special part of our future, helping us to continue the fight against cancer.

Gifts left in Wills are vital to The Christie. Incredibly, last year one in two of our projects were made possible through the generosity of our supporters who left us a gift in their will.

The gifts we receive go towards making sure that our patients have access to the very best treatment and care, funding pioneering research right here in the North West and making new discoveries that will help us to fight cancer, now and in the future. By including The Christie in your will, you’re pledging your support for generations to come.

Gifts in wills account for a third of The Christie charity’s income – a hugely significant portion of our funds.

We know that it’s important that these funds are spent carefully, which is why we ensure that 86p out of every pound goes directly towards supporting patients and their families.

For more information on how important gifts in wills are to The Christie, download our guide using the links above, where you can read Sarah and Barbara’s stories about why they have decided to include a gift to The Christie in their wills. If you would like to discuss more about leaving a gift in your will, please get in touch with:

Laura Hulme
Legacy and Research Officer

0161 446 3178


It would be wonderful if once your family and friends were looked after, you could consider leaving a gift in your will to The Christie. Imagine the things we could achieve.