How proton beam therapy is delivered

Proton beam therapy technology can broadly be broken down into the following components:


To accelerate the protons to the energy required for treatment.


To focus the beam line towards the Gantry.


To rotate the proton beam around the patient to ensure the best angle can be used for treatment.


To control the position and dose delivered to the patient by the proton beam.

The layout of the main components in a treatment room is shown below.

There will be 3 treatment rooms in The Christie proton beam therapy centre, they will deliver the latest scanning beam technology, to keep the unwanted additional dose to the patient to a minimum. This was an important consideration in choosing the correct equipment for children who will benefit the most from proton beam therapy.

The equipment is being supplied by Varian Medical Systems.

Three treatment rooms will be fit out with equipment and a fourth room will be used as a research space with access to the beam. 

Proton Beam Therapy