Not all clinical trials involve testing new medicines. Sometimes you may be asked if you would like to participate in an 'observational study' or a 'biobank' study.

A biobank study involves a collection of human biological samples and medical information about patients (donors), which are stored and are used to accelerate research studies to find treatments for diseases such as lymphoma.

If you donate a blood sample or tissue from a biopsy it will be kept in large freezers, sometimes for a long period of time. It is usual for a patient donating a sample to fill in a questionnaire as the samples are much more valuable if researches know something about the person it came from.

Observational studies are different from our other studies as rather than your care being intervened, it is observed and recorded. Sometimes patient's invited to take part in an observational study are involved in another clinical trial which may involve a new medicine. If you are involved in an observational study it is usual to be asked to complete regular questionnaires about your care and treatment experiences. The information gathered from you is very important for ongoing research because it enables us to spot trends and important factors which may not have been found otherwise.

Below are a list of our current non


The aim of the PROMS study is to design and evaluate a PROMs diary for cancer patients to self report side effects and experiences of their treatment, and thereby create a detailed account of treatment related adverse events and their impact on daily activities to share with the care team.



The PROCLIPI study includes all stages of mycosis fungoides (primary cutaneous T cell lymphoma) and Sézary syndrome (SS) to determine important prognostic markers and treatment responses with the aim of improving clinical outcomes in cutaneous lymphoma.



An observational cohort study for the collection of tumour samples and matched blood samples from patients with suspected or confirmed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma or grade 3b follicular lymphoma.


MCL biobank

Establishing a Biobank and database as a national resource for characterising Indolent and Aggressive forms of Mantle Cell Lymphoma, an Observational study.


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