Recent Publications

Recent Christie Colorectal and Peritoneal Oncology Centre Publications

1. Title: Watch-and-wait approach versus surgical resection after chemoradiotherapy for patients with rectal cancer (the OnCoRe project): a propensity-score matched cohort analysis. 

Issue date: 16 December 2015

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2. Title: Appendiceal Goblet Cell Carcinoids: Prognostic Factors and Selection of the Most Appropriate Adjuvant Management in a Retrospective Series. 

Issue date: 2015

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3. Title: Evolution of treatments for peritoneal metastases from colorectal cancer. 

Issue date: 20 April 2015

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4. Title: The assessment of local response using magnetic resonance imaging at 3- and 6-month post chemoradiotherapy in patients with anal cancer. 

Issue date: 18 April 2015

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5. Title: Low Muscularity and Myosteatosis Is Related to the Host Systemic Inflammatory Response in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Colorectal Cancer. 

Issue date: 30 January 2015

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6. Title: Adiposity and cancer risk: new mechanistic insights from epidemiology. 

Issue date: 24 July 2015

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7. Title: Association between body mass index and mortality for colorectal cancer survivors: overall and by tumor molecular phenotype. 

Issue date: 02 June 2015

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8. Title: Recent trends in incidence of five common cancers in 26 European countries since 1988: Analysis of the European Cancer Observatory. 

Issue date: June 2015

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9. Title: Global gene expression in pseudomyxoma peritonei, with parallel development of two immortalized cell lines. 

Issue date: 13 April 2015

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