Enhanced Recovery Programme

Enhanced Recovery Programme

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) aims to help you recover from your operation as soon as possible.

Taking part in this programme can help reduce the risk of surgery-related complications that could delay your recovery. It involves you, your family and all members of the multi-disciplinary team.  We want to make sure that you receive the best possible care before, during and after your surgery.

Our new ERAS website launches on the 1st March 2018. It will include information that will guide you through your surgery. It starts with a visit to Surgery School. The purpose of this is to help you and your loved ones learn how to prepare you for your operation. You can then learn about what to expect from your admission through to your discharge home.  

If you would like any additional information you can email us on ERAS@christie.nhs.uk, alternatively please come back on the 1st March 2018!