Your medicines matter

When attending The Christie, either for an outpatient appointment, inpatient stay or treatments, you are advised to bring your medicines into hospital.

If you have had to come into hospital as an emergency and have left your medicines at home, you will be encouraged to ask a relative, friend or carer to bring them into hospital for you.  Pharmacy staff will check your medicines to check if they are safe to use then they will be stored securely during your stay. Doing this it helps to ensure that you do not miss any important prescribed medication as staff at the hospital will be able to see exactly what medicines you are taking. There are many benefits to bringing in your medication. These include:

  • continue taking medicines you recognise.  
  • reduce waste and the cost of the hospital reissuing medicines you already have at home.
  • reduce delays when it is time to go home.

The ‘Your Medicines Matter Campaign’ is a national campaign to encourage patients to bring their medicines into hospital to enhance clinical safety and patient care.  For more information about this please visit: