Plan of the hospital

Here you will find a map of The Christie site with a list of department names and numbers to help you navigate around the hospital.

The Christie wayfinding system includes both department names and a location number – e.g Radiotherapy at department 39. Appointment letters include the name and number of the department you need to go to. On arrival at the hospital from any entrance, simply follow the silver numbered signage  you will see above each doorway and at each junction to reach your destination. 

Information points with maps like the one below are located at Wilmslow Road, Palatine Road and the temporary Oak Road entrance, outside the restaurant and on the main corridor. If you do not know the number of the department you need to visit, you can look this up on the list below each map or on the link below. 

The plan gives an overview of the main site, the main corridors, entrances, exits and toilets only and is not intended to give specific locations of each department. Departments can be located by following the numbered silver signage throughout the hospital.

Click to view the hospital site map 


Click here to view a department list by number and name.

You can also take a virtual tour around parts of our hospital. Click here to take the tour.

Our new Christie app includes real time navigation and can guide you to your destination quickly and easily. Find out more and download now.