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Mitotic checkpoint inactivation fosters transformation in cells lacking the breast cancer susceptibility gene, Brca2; H Lee, AH Trainer, LS Friedman, FC Thistlethwaite, MJ Evans, BA Ponder, AR Venkitaraman; Molecular Cell 4(1) p1-10 (1999)

Involvement of Brca2 in DNA repair; KJ Patel, VPCC Yu, H Lee, A Corcoran, FC Thistlethwaite, MJ Evans, WH Colledge, LS Friedman, BAJ Ponder, AR Venkitaraman

Molecular Cell 1 p347-357 (1998)

Thymic lymphomas in mice with a truncating mutation in Brca2; FC Thistlethwaite*,LS Friedman*, KJ Patel, VPCC Yu, H Lee, AR Venkitaraman, KJ Abel, MBL Carlton, SM Hunter, WH Colledge, MJ Evans, BAJ Ponder; Cancer Research 58 p1338-1343 (1998)

*Joint first authorship

Book chapters

Cellular therapy of cancer: Development of gene therapy based approaches (Editor RE Hawkins); Chapter 6: Clinical Trial Design; Robert E Hawkins, John Haanen, Fiona Thistlethwaite; World scientific publishing company (2014) ISBN 978 981 4295 13 0

Treatment of Cancer 5th Edition. Edited by P Price, K Sikora and T Illidge. Chapter 9: Biological Therapies: Cytokines and Adoptive Cell Therapy; FC Thistlethwaite, PL Stern, RE Hawkins; Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd. (2008) ISBN 13 978 0 340 912218

Book reviews

European Society for Medical Oncology Handbook of Principles of Translational Research

Edited by H Mellstedt, D Schrijvers, D Bafaloukos and R Greil. Informa Healthcare (2007)

F Thistlethwaite and A Clamp; Clinical Oncology, 2007 19(8) p635