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As construction works continue on The Christie site with the aim of improving our patient services, this update is to keep you abreast of the various works underway and their implications to the surrounding area.

As activity increases there may be an increase in construction traffic on Oak Road, this will be monitored closely to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum but if you have any queries or concerns please contact us.

Proton beam therapy development – crane departure, Saturday 16th September

We are pleased to announce that all of the large treatment equipment for the proton therapy centre has now been installed in the building.  The roof hatches have been closed and we no longer require the crane. This work has been completed about one month ahead of programme.

The crane supplier will be coming to site this Saturday 16th September to dismantle and remove the crane.  As with the original erection of the crane this work will all occur on The Christie site.  There will be a smaller crane deployed to undertake the work and a number of large vehicles will be coming to site to remove heavy crane components.  

It will not be necessary to close Oak Road.  We anticipate that this work will be completed during the course of Saturday, however we do have approval from Manchester City Council to complete this work on Sunday if necessary.  In this event work will not commence until 10.00 a.m. 

During the course of the following week the site hoarding will be moved back to its former position and Oak Road will be restored to its original width.  We will advise Highways of the changed position and they can then reconsider the parking situation along the road.

Could we once again extend our sincerest thanks to our neighbours for your continued patience and support for our project.  We remain on programme to treat our first patient on the 31st August 2018.

If you have any comments or queries please contact:


Adrian Burt (The Christie)       07920 814000

Phil Turner (The Christie)       07789 944847

Rob Speakman (Varian)         07540 201441


Car parking project update - January 2017 

Click here to read the latest news on our car parking project


Integrated Procedures Unit – Oak Road

The Integrated Procedures Unit is now heavily into the fit-out phase. The shape and mass of the building is now clearly seen from outside the site and adds a neat curved shape to face of the building. The cladding will weather over the next six months and have the same look as the building next door. 

The team on site are working hard to keep Oak Road clear and coordinate all deliveries with the Proton Beam project next door. The patient drop off and disabled parking area is working well and our car park team are keeping area flowing well. 

Starbucks has now transferred to the Wilmslow Restaurant in department 19 while the new Main Entrance is being built. The Wilmslow Restaurant is open until 7pm Monday to Friday and at weekends until 4pm providing more seating and meeting space.

The new drop off area will take the place of the accessible parking spaces on Oak Road. Alternative accessible parking is still available in car park C, Palatine Road and car park D, Wilmslow Road. 

Relaxation space is available in the conservatory on the glass corridor, department 9, if the noise levels in the existing relaxation room are uncomfortable. 

Click here to find out more about the IPU and the services it will deliver for patients.

New plant room to replace existing plant room 26 

Works have now been completed to replace the plant and equipment in plant room 26. The new facilities are providing much more resilience to heating and water services across The Christie. 


Proton Beam Therapy Centre

Major structural work is continuing on our Proton Beam Therapy Centre site and over the next month work will continue to complete the bunkers and the cyclotron area.

The remaining areas A,B&C have completed the erection of the steel frames and the upper floor slabs are being completed. The structure to the final section of the site is in progress. 


Oak Road Main Entrance 

Enabling works are now underway to develop a new entrance on Oak Road underneath the new IPU project, providing additional seating and an improved retail offer to patients, their families, visitors and staff at The Christie.


Tiered Car Parking 

As part of The Christie travel strategy, the Trust are considering the development of tiered car parking on the Golden Lion site on Wilmslow Road and the main staff car park off Cotton Lane. These proposals will be developed in line with public consultation over the next three months. Please click the link for further information.


Paterson Roof Refurbishment 

As part of our ongoing asset replacement programme, the roof to the Paterson Institute is being replaced and there will be scaffold erected on Wilmslow Road and other parts of the building. Site access for most site deliveries will be down our service roads.


Theatre 1, 2 & 3 Refurbishment

Good progress is being made with our theatre replacement programme with theatres 1 and 2 already providing better and improved facilities for our theatre staff. Theatre 3 is the final phase which will be refurbished during February and March this year and will be brought up to modern standards when a fast track replacement of mechanical and electrical plant to the theatre is carried out and at the same time the finishes to the theatre will be upgraded.


Linac Replacement Programme 

As part of The Christie’s development as a world class cancer center, we have now taken receipt of a brand new MR Linear Accelerator, bringing this new state of the art equipment to the Trust. The structural works to the existing bunker have now been completed and the new MR Linear accelerator is in place. We have recently completed the building work to the ancillary areas. A period of commissioning has now commenced to bring the unit into use.


Staff Welfare Facilities

A series of projects continue being implemented to improve and upgrade the welfare and rest areas for facilities staff.

A new cycle hub in the Nathan House Courtyard has recently been completed. We have now provided 70 cycle parking spaces in and around Nathan House Courtyard and the new shower and locker facilities under Nathan House are now open.

An additional 17 spaces have been created in car park A to help with the demand for parking on site.

Additional buses are running from The Christie to the FREE park and ride service at Christie Fields at the rear of the Premier Inn on Barlow Moor Road. The enhanced (15m intervals) bus service is now permanent. The times of the service have also been extended, see the car parking section for more details.

The finishes to the main corridors throughout The Christie are being upgraded with work being carried out overnight to minimise disruption to hospital users.